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Management CV

When searching for a job, a quality CV is an absolute must. Applying for work at a company requires a curriculum vitae or resume which hits the nail on the head.

Writing a management CV, requires a bit more attention than a normal CV. Managers are likely to have accumulated a variety of skills over the years, all these skills need to be laid out in a CV. CV writing takes time and can not be done in a couple of hours. ( or it can, but it is likey to not get the result you want it to).

Curriculum Vitae writing is best started as early in your career as possible, only then it enables you to be accurate. A curriculum vitae is a dynamic document which keeps growing during your career.

A managers CV needs to be about specifics. You want to accentuate every skill you have acquired over the years. You also want to be specific where and when you acquired them, how you effected a business and offer some demonstrations on how it was done.  Having an opinion based CV can be a recipe for disaster, remember, facts stack up.

Management CV Do’s and Don’ts

  • Have various CV versions. Look at your core skills and write a management CV for them. Because not every job you are apply for will be the same. So, having a variety of CV’s to choose from just makes sense.
  • If you have a very extensive CV, it might be an idea to have a summary CV, which enables an HR department to flash your career. Keep the summary to one A4 or letter size document.
  • If possible present your management CV and application letter personally to the company. Even better to hand it directly to the person in charge of the job opening. Doing some leg work before you present gets you further.
  • Do a follow-up after you have delivered your management curriculum vitae, stay in touch, and it might give you the opportunity to speak to the person in charge again. More contacts make you stand out, and you might be remembered in the process.
  • Call a company after a negative answer, ask why, and ask professional advice for your application letter and management CV. It will only help you to write an even better CV next time.


CV Services

Writing a management CV is not an easy job and it takes time to filter through all your previous work experiences to come up with a management CV which is appealing to the person you are presenting it to. If you need some professional guidance in CV writing there are a lot of professional writers offering their assistance. The costs involved are earned back quickly as you will be landing the jobs you are seeking for.

If you are going to look for a person to help you write a CV it may be an idea to review executive CV writing services and cover letter writing services and even to go as far as finding a career / life coach to help bolster your confidence, interview readiness and the intangibles. A small investment can return a very substantial career reward and long term salary reimbursement.



Management CV : Best Tip:

Be creative and stand out from the crowd when presenting your Management CV to your new employer.