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CV – Curriculum Vitae

Prepare a quality and professional CV or resume when you are looking for a job. It might come as a surprise to you that most people do not get hired from a job advertisement, or an online announcement. Most people get hired through a contact in the company’s network. If you are looking for a job, networking would be your strongest tool to use. Just sending out letters and CV’s does not work anymore.

Writing a CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Most people think that your CV is a static piece of work, but actually it is not. In the old days people worked with one company for twenty-five years, and you might move up the ladder a few times. But now-a-days people switch companies more often so the Resume becomes a dynamic document, also because you might be going on quality courses, and extend your own range. All this information needs to go on your CV, when it would be applicable for the next function you are applying for.

Two Or More CV’s or Resumes

It might be wise to have two or more CV’s. it depends a bit on your work experience and the new job you are aiming for. Maybe you have a CV which goes heavy on your technical background and another which goes heavy on your trainer’s background. Writing a variety of CV’s makes sense. Actually you should adjust your CV for every function you apply for.

Having a short and a long version of your CV makes sense too.

CV Services

One is a better writer then the next person. And another can be more creative then the next. If you get stuck in writing your own CV, there are all sorts of CV services online which can help you to get a great CV going for you.

Emailing your CV

The days that job application letters are mailed with an envelop and a stamp are over. Applications and CV’s are now send by email, it is fast and gets to the correct desk within seconds. 

Professional CV

As a working professional you need a professional CV. If you maintain a professional attitude it needs to read from your CV. Make sure you stand out from the crowd. CV services have a great way to help and assist to give that perfect professional image to your CV.

Management CV

If you are among corporate executive staff, then your CV needs to be top notch. In management CV’s detail is extremely important. Pack every little course , workshop and seminar into your CV, and make sure that your CV lands on top of the stack.

Working professionals need a CV, and the best moment to start writing your CV is when you are still at school or university, because there will be a first moment where you will have to present your CV to the corporate world.

Browse this website to find resources, guides and information relating to writing your Curriculum Vitae and also the methods, strategies, tips and tricks you can use to increase your response rates to applications sent. There is no mystery to obtaining your dream job just a focused approach to win interest from recruiters and hiring managers while providing a winning array of information of why you are absolutely the best applicant.

Best Tip:

Make your CV short and strong, keep it readable and accurate.