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CV: The JobSeekers Guide to Success!



The Job Seeker’s Guide to Succeeding : Finding work in an oversubscribed job market during a recession really isn’t easy, and even though the big wigs on both sides of the pond say that things are looking up, it’s not hard to feel like every opportunity slips through your fingers and the world is completely against you.I know, because I am just like you. I too have struggled in a job I hate, I too have been unemployed, I too have been made redundant, and I too have sat trawling the internet looking for solutions to my turmoil.

There is a little known secret that many successful people don’t like other’s to know, simply because a lot of the time people like to be ‘the only one’. After all, if everyone succeeds then you wouldn’t exactly be feeling as successful as you did before, right?

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Well, unlike other websites is here to enlighten you. There is no need to pay any money for CV information – ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT WRITING YOUR CV,JOB SEARCHING AND INTERVIEWS ARE ALL IN HERE.To truly succeed in the job market you have to do three things (I call them the 3 F’s): Focus, Formulate and Fulfil.

CV. Lets start with ‘Focus’:

The only way you will ever be able to truly sell yourself to potential employers is if you’re passionate. That means focusing your attention on finding the career that motivates you to get up. Finding the career that enables you to enjoy your life. To some that may be the actual job description. To others it may be the pay packet that comes with that job title. But either way you need to sit alone for a while and really think about what EXACTLY you want from your life. Do you want to work in the city? Do you want to work with animals? Do you want to help others? What clothes do you want to spend your day in? How much money do you need to truly enjoy your life? What will make you happy? Once you realise the answers to these questions you will be in a much better position than any of your competitors because you will WANT that job! Everyone NEEDS a job. The thing that separates the hired from the fired is that person’s DESIRE to be there, day in day out.


Once you’ve realised where your heart lies, you can begin formulating your plan of attack. You have to view this as a competition. There’s likely to be a LOT of other very viable candidates applying for YOUR job, and no one owes you anything. The only person that can let you down here is you.  Design your Curriculum Vitae plan, do you need one,  two or a general CV or even a resume?

Start with your covering letter. This is what will set you apart from the rest. Make sure it’s friendly but professional. Highlight why you want the job and why you’d be good at it. Don’t say anything negative. Be humble but honest about how good you are and how much you hope they’ll invite you for interview. This will ensure the employer looks at your CV.

Now, make sure you don’t say anything negative in your CV either. If there’s something obviously negative, then explain briefly what happened and put a positive spin on it. Always try to appear happy, forward thinking, passionate and motivated to succeed. Employers want staff that will gel with everyone and grow with the company. Your CV is your place to demonstrate this.

We’ll be discussing whethere adding a picture to your CV  makes your CV stand out from the crowd visually too. A nice picture of you at the top – this helps the employer visualise who you are. They’ll feel more connected to you compared to all the other applicants because they’ll have SEEN you or does it? click the links for more information. Having a strategy, whether it is a Graduate CV, Professional CV, Management or Executive is vital to success.

Lastly, make sure once you’ve applied to the job that you call them a week later to ask if there’s any news regarding your application. Make friends with the person who answers the phone if you can – after all, they already work there and if they like you they might just put in a good word! is about the tips, trick and plain old fashioned CV advice.


Fulfil everything you’ve said you are at interview. If you’ve said you’re bubbly, be bubbly. If you’ve said you’re calm, be calm. The employer liked what they read, and it’s your explanation of yourself that go you into their office – so be the best representation of yourself that you can be. Ensure you’re professional, but go with the flow. Don’t be scared either – remember that the interviewer is a person just like you are. Be confident, humble, and FULFILL your own potential, and you WILL get that job!

Remember, it all starts with your CV